Anamaria Castillo

Associate Landscape Architect


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Anamaria is an accomplished landscape architect who founded her own company, as well as being a professor of Landscape Architecture and Arts, having taught in Italian and Costa Rican Universities. She believes passionately that well designed spaces affect people’s way of living and their interaction with the environment. Anamaria cares deeply about responding to the immediate surroundings of a project, its culture and its heritage – whilst working in close collaboration with architects in order to create a cohesive overall design.


  • Master of in Landscape Architecture and Site Design (Hons) 2005
  • Bachelor in Arts & Visual Communication 2003
  • Bachelor in Education in Arts & Visual Communication (Hons) 2001

Landscape Architecture is the perfect combination between art and science. It respects our environment and nourishes from culture. It is our passion, inspiration and our legacy.

Anamaria Castillo