Sam Spinks

Sam Spinks

Managing Director


Significant experience across a wide range of developments with a core focus on landscape architecture for culturally and historically significant buildings and spaces. An award-winning landscape architect, prior to his relocation to the Middle East, Sam was a senior landscape architect at one of Sydney’s premier heritage landscape design studios.

This foundation and appreciation for the sensitivities of designing historical and cultural sites has been translated across the Middle East region, with the completion of a number of world heritage, as well as internationally renowned, sites. In addition, his international breadth of design expertise spans public open spaces, hospitality and mixed use developments.

His qualifications also extend to horticulture and he combines his myriad of skills to form appropriate and evolutionary design responses for industry leading landscape spaces and interventions.


  • 2005 Bachelor of Design (Landscape Architecture), Victoria University, NZ
  • 2000 Bachelor of Applied Science, Massey University, NZ

“The world is moving in to a phase when landscape design may well be recognised as the most comprehensive of the arts. Historically we have created environments that are a projection of our conceptual ideas into nature. It is only ‘today’ that the collective landscape has emerged as a social necessity. We are promoting a landscape art on a scale never conceived of in history.”

Geoffrey Jellicoe, Landscape of Man.