Mleiha Archaeological Park


Community / Cultural Assets


Full landscape services through to built works completion


Sharjah, UAE

Mleiha Archaeological Park landscape design project

This award-winning project comprises the development of a visitor centre for the historically significant Mleiha Tomb, and an open park that respects the desert context of the site.

In celebration of local heritage, the Umm An-Nar Tomb which dates back to the Copper Age, is not only considered to be the most impressive amongst the many funeral sites in Mleiha but also offers a wealth of information about the connection between Mesopotania and the rest of the Gulf. The park is shortlisted as a UNESCO heritage site.

The considered landscape design includes sculpted sand dunes reflecting the patterns created by wind in the surrounding desertscape. Palms and Ghaf trees are scattered around the building and tomb in an effort to bring back the desert to the site and recreate the local environmental conditions and setting that existed at the time of the tomb. The arena together with the sandstone walls, creates a theatrical backdrop to the Umm An-Nar Tomb. Upon entry to the site, visitors are welcomed into a lobby with a small courtyard designed around an indigenous Ghaf tree. Providing a soft filtered light in contrast to the bright desert sunlight, the Ghaf tree sits in its original location. The team took great care to ensure its protection and preservation throughout the construction stage.