WAHO delivers considered and design-driven landscape interventions that reflect the contextual space to achieve project vision and ultimately benefit communities. Underpinning our approach is expertise and agility in design, production and delivery.


Each project is guided by an in depth knowledge and understanding of environment, culture, heritage and community. Identifying the special sense of place is key to ensure that design translates into an experience of a location that is authentic and facilitates vibrant social connection.


From initial proposal to the final deliverable of each project scope, our team remains attentive to the brief and specific requirements of each phase to ensure the accurate and timely delivery of key milestones. Our efficient project management process closely monitors progress throughout, both internally and with external parties, and includes regular quality assurance checks.


At WAHO we value collaborative partnerships. Adopting a holistic team approach, we work closely with clients, architects, engineers and surveyors towards insightful and innovative design solutions. Our commitment to productive collaboration, clear communication and process efficiency is the reason WAHO continues to be considered a valued and trusted partner by our clients.